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Spectrum Software


Futures Institute's premier analytical tool developed to support policy decisions concerning public health. Spectrum includes modules for examining health intervention impact and costing along with underlying demographics. More Information >
OneHealth Tool

OneHealth Tool

A model used for supporting costing, budgeting, financing and national strategies development of the health sector in developing countries. OneHealth focuses on integrated planning and strengthening health systems. More Information >

Policy Tools

Interactive Web Applications

A collection of interactive easy to use web applications which allow the exploration of several health topics can be found on the Policy Tools site. Topic areas include HIV/AIDS, Family Planning and Child/Maternal Health. Web Applications >

publicationUnderstanding Methods for Estimating HIV-Associated Maternal Mortality

Authors: Rosen, J. E., I. de Zoysa, K. Dehne, V. Mangiaterra and Q. Abdool-Karim
Published: 2012
publicationReforming antiretroviral price negotiations and public procurement: the Mexican experience

Authors: Adesina, A., V. J. Wirtz and S. Dratler
Published: Feb. 2012
USAID Health Policy Tools

Futures Institute contributes expertise in HIV costing and modeling to the USAID funded Health Policy Initiative Costing Task Order. Team members support USG and host country governments in developing and using HIV cost and modeling data for decision making, as well as training for counterparts on these topics. Go to Site >

Gates Foundation Urban Reproductive Health Initiative

Futures Institute implements an advocacy project that supports the Gates Foundation’s Urban Reproductive Health Initiative by building strong commitment and support among national and municipal leaders.

More Information >

Child and Maternal Intervention with Johns HopkinsSupporting Johns Hopkins’ LiST project, Futures Institute was charged with implementing a computer-based tool designed to estimate the impact of different child and maternal intervention packages and coverage levels. LiST has been used to support research and ministry of health personnel for policy decision in developing countries.

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